Plans to build Teasley Mead
Proposed site of Blackham’s Tommy to remember war heroes
Many years ago Blackham was the abode of the greatest roughs in this neighbourhood and was celebrated for its nine prize-fighters. Sunday was entirely disregarded. Idlers were to be seen about the lanes passing the day playing pitch and toss &c, whilst others were drinking and fighting. Several smugglers are said to have used the Toll Farm pond from time to time for hiding their contraband. Rev C N Sutton, Rector of Withyham 1902 “ ”
Tucked away at the northern end of Withyham Parish, Blackham isn’t the best-known village in East Sussex. You won’t find it in guide books, it is rarely mentioned in history books; in fact it scarcely gets a mention anywhere Yet, to those of us who live or have lived there, Blackham is a village that gets into your blood, somewhere you return to, a place from which roots are not easily torn away. I haven’t lived in the village for 60 years, yet I still think of it as home. This website is published to share the stories and photographs of the village down the years and especially to mark the lives of the people who made the village such a special place to live. It is very much a work in progress, added to all the time, so if you have documents, photographs or memories you would like to share please get in touch. The links below will take you to more topics and stories about Blackham
This site is dedicated to my great grandparents, Thomas and Elizabeth Coomber, who moved to Blackham about 1885 and are buried in the churchyard. Also to my parents, Elsie and Jack Coomber, who lived in the village for many years. And to my daughters Kate and Sarah, and my grandsons, Ben and Joe, hoping it will be of interest to you
Although this site is mainly about the history of Blackham we also try to reflect what is happening today
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