When the farm appeared in a 1919 auction of the Highfields Estate
it was described in the catalogue as

The following are how Willetts appears in the census returns
Forename Surname Relation Marr Age Occupation Birth place County
William Payne Head U 21 Farmer Hartfield Sussex
Sarah Payne Sis U 19 Farmer's sister Hartfield Sussex
George Payne Bro U 8 Farmer's brother Hartfield Sussex
Mary Hever Serv U 22 House servant East Grinstead Sussex
Luke Langridge Serv U 25 Farm lab Hartfield Sussex
Joseph Verral Serv U 36 Farm labourer Hartfield Sussex
George Farmer Serv U 16 Farm labourer Withyham Sussex
John Gatford Serv U 14 Farm labourer Hartfield Sussex

225 acres, employs 6
While this ties in with the name given in Sutton, Willetts is not given as the name, merely Blackham. It is also at odds with the William Payne of 1861 below. However, given this William's birthplace and the details given for his brother George, it would seem that this William is perhaps the eldest son of the William of 1861.

William Payne Head M 63 Farmer West Hoathly Sussex
Mary A Payne Wife M 57   Banstead Surrey
Edward Payne Son U 26 Miller Hartfield Sussex
Robert Payne Son U 22 Farmer's son Hartfield Sussex
George Payne Son U 20 Farmer's son Hartfield Sussex
Mary A Payne Dau  U 19   Hartfield Sussex
Alfred Payne Son U 17   Hartfield Sussex
Kate Payne Dau  U 10   Hartfield Sussex
260 acres, 3 lads

John Fry Head M 49 Bailiff for Farm Penshurst Kent
Rebeca Fry Wife M 46   Hartfield Sussex
Robert Mercer Wife's son U 20 Ag lab Withyham Sussex
John Mercer Wife's son U 17 Ag lab Chiddingstone Kent
Henry Fry Son U 7 Scholar Withyham Sussex
Mary Robert Visitor W 82 Annuitant Hartfield Sussex

Rebecca Fry Head W 57   Hartfield Sussex
Henry Fry Son U 17 Shepherd Withyham Sussex

Thomas Floyd Head M 52 Farmer Tudeley Kent
Charlotte Floyd Wife M 50   Wadhurst Sussex
Thomas Floyd Son U 7   Withyham Sussex
Edith A A Ingram Serv U 14 General servant Withyham Sussex

Thomas Floyd Head W 62 Farmer Tudley Kent
Thomas Floyd Son U 19 Farmer's son Withyham Sussex
Gertrude Jeffery Niece U 29 Housekeeper Tonbridge Kent

Ashby Family